Thunder – ‘Please Remain Seated’ album review

Band: Thunder
Album: Please Remain Seated
Release Date: 18th January, 2019
Label: BMG



Review by Angel 

Since forming in 1986 Thunder have performed everywhere from small venues to big stages like Monsters Of Rock and even in a castle, with Caerphilly Castle 2018. No matter wherever and whenever, Thunder deliver a live show to be proud of.
They took a short break from 1999 -2002 and came back sounding like they had never been away.
‘Please Remain Seated’ is their latest album and to start with, it looks like it is tracks from their back catalogue. No it is not a greatest hits album, it is made up of some of the classic Thunder songs but with a new sound. They have redone these tracks in full, not remixed but went in the studio to remake them from start to finish. In their own words these are “radically reworked versions”.

As the first song ‘Bigger Than Both Of Us’ starts you sit up and get your feet tapping.
Listening to it you can hear Danny (vocals) and the rest of the boys Luke (guitar), Harry (drums), Ben (guitars and keyboard) and Chris (bass) are sounding tight.

This album is mind blowing and the mix of blues, jazz, and rock makes this a “must have” album.
All 12 tracks will have you up and dancing round your living room or kitchen depending on where you are listening to it.
You can feel in every track the emotions, not one song on this album is bad.

Thunder have done it again, after 30 years in music Thunder still deliver with finesse and charm and it really shows in the new album. Whether you are a Thunder fan or not, this album is catchy.

The band starts a tour in February where they will play live tracks from this album. They will be supported by Dan Reed who will be playing a solo acoustic set.
If you have not seen them before then you have been hiding in a hole or cave. These guys obviously enjoy playing live and you really need to go see them.




Track Listing:
01. Bigger Than Both Of Us
02. Future Train
03. Girl’s Going Out Of Her Head
04. I’m Dreaming Again
05. Fly On The Wall
06. Just Another Suicide
07. Empty City
08. Miracle Man
09. Blown Away
10. Loser
11. She’s So Fine
12. Low Life In High Places


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