Sister Rose – ‘No Cause For Distraction’ album review

Band: Sister Rose
Album: No Cause For Distraction
Release Date: 14th January, 2019
Label: Self Released



Review by Angel

Manchester band Sister Rose have just released their debut album, but they are far from being a new band. Formed in 1978 in Ramsbottom the band has gone through numerous line-up changes and a break of 15 years before this. Founding member Clanger on guitars is now joined by Chris Berry on vocals, Woz on Bass and Wanger on drums.

Having seen these guys play at SOS Festival it was good to hear them on CD, and I’m well impressed right from Track One, Bullet.
If you mix Brian Johnson from AC/DC and Ian Astbury from The Cult, you come close to the sound of Chris Berry’s vocals. The whole album has a sound that makes you want to headbang.

01. Bullet starts the album with a full on rock sound,

02. World Stops Turning has a very ‘Cult’ sound but they change it round on track.

03. Long Dark Days is totally different again, Clear crisp vocals  Guitar and bass

04. Smoke & Mirrors has a nice little Judas Priest sound but with a twist. Chris Berry’s vocals change to deep gravel, but not growly scream vocals, just right for the track

05. Seven has nice little intro straight into thundering drums and guitar. This is a song that Ronnie James Dio would be proud to hear.

06. Lost My Soul starts with Guitar riff to start this is again amazing track

07. No Cause For Distraction. At first listen, this does not sound like a rock song but the more you listen to it you start tapping your feet.

08. Down. When this started out I thought AC/DC was playing and not Sister Rose, I had to check my media play to make sure and yes it was Sister Rose playing. A great catchy song.

09. High Expectations. Wow this album gets better the more you listen to it. This again this again is a track I like.

10. WTF Are We Watching. The last track on here is about the crap on TV and it is true… WTF?

After all these years of being a band it is good that they never gave up on music and this album brings a good mixed up sound. I’m on my 4th spin of it and think it has to be turned up and put in me car as it will make great driving music.  If you can get to see them live then you must as they do not disappoint.


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