Inglorious – ‘Ride to Nowhere’ album review

Band: Inglorious
Album: Ride to Nowhere
Release Date: 25th January, 2019
Label: Frontiers Records



Review by Sean 

I’ll admit to not knowing this band before reviewing the album, but sometimes that can work out for you, as you discover something new all at once, instead of little by little. So, I sat myself down, put my headphones on, and I listened. And what I heard was some rather good, if at times a little generic, hard rock.

I can see why people would like Inglorious right off the bat, as their album opener, ‘Where Are You Now?’ kicks things off with a good classic rock sound, and even at some points is a little reminiscent of later solo Bruce Dickinson stuff. It’s a good intro to the band, and I can’t wait to hear more.
The second track, ‘Freak Show’, has more of a Black Stone Cherry sound to it. A very nice groove, faultless flow, and some damn fine guitar. It’s a potential favourite already, but we’ve got a lot more music to hear before making decisions.
‘Never Alone’ has a much softer rock sound to it. It’s almost the definition of what you’d call radio friendly and accessible. Nice sound to it, but hopefully there’s not too much of this on the album.

Thankfully, it appears that with the next few tracks, that is the case. Starting with ‘Tomorrow’, there’s definitely more groove, which is always a good thing. The song itself is slightly more foreboding in tone, but definitely an improvement, which carries through on the next two, somewhat.
‘Queen’ is another potential favourite, however ‘Liar’ just sounds a bit too generic, for my liking. Not bad, but not something I’d go out of my way to seek out.
‘Time To Go’ shows us that the BSC groove is back. It’s a good song all round, not exceptional, but a definite improvement, followed by another potential favourite in ‘I Don’t Know You’, which has a darker edge to it than the rest of the album so far. Though, it suffers a little, as the lyrics just get a touch too repetitive after a while, to the point where I started just imagining Bobby Hill in my head instead of the song (if you know, you know).

From there, honestly, the album kind of blends a little. Nothing much more stands out, and while there’s definite promise here, I’ve heard better. I’ve absolutely also heard much, much worse, but, while I’d listen to this album if it was on, it’s not one I’ll rush to play again and again.




Track Listing:
01. Where Are You Now?
02. Freak Show
03. Never Alone
04. Tomorrow
05. Queen
06. Liar
07. Time To Go
08. I Don’t Know
09. While She Sleeps
10. Ride To Nowhere
11. Glory Days


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