‘Crackdown 3’ game review

Title: Crackdown 3 
Format: PC, Xbox One
Release Date: 15th February, 2019
Developers: Sumo Digital, Reagent Games, Cloudgine, Certain Affinity, Ruffian Games



Review by Sean 

For the uninitiated, the Crackdown series is a mostly sandbox-type game, with the main aims being destruction, chaos, and just generally blowing shit up, all while you hunt down floating orbs to boost your stats.
The first was immense fun, a true cult classic that seems to be overlooked by many, and is still a game I love to go back and play, just to dick around with the enemies while my full power agent destroys a building. The second wasn’t as great as the first, but still enjoyable, even if the twist was obvious from waaaaaay beyond the horizon. Honestly play the game, guarantee you get the twist within the first half hour.

So with the news that the third was FINALLY on its way after being in the pipeline for some time (I actually think news of it sprang around the time of the Xbox One coming out), I was hyped, but apprehensive, and I’m happy to say that Crackdown 3 is more like 1 than 2.
Now, I know there are people out there that have negative things to say about the game, but, honestly, I didn’t have the problems they had.
Combat is what you’d expect from a sandbox game, the world is expansive but not tiring to get around, and you literally get a fully automatic missile launcher. Story wise, it’s not the longest of games, you could probably bash the story out in one full day if you didn’t do ANY side stuff, or stopped to eat or use the toilet, but the amount of side stuff to do is what gives it longevity. Also, in order to do well in the boss fights, it would probably be best to go around and find some agility orbs, hidden orbs, build up your explosive, weapon, physical, and driving skills. It just makes the whole game easier. Plus, for every level you gain in those skills, you unlock more stuff to do, shoot, and drive.

Much of the fun to be found is leaping around the map from building to building, then superhero landing with a crash into a group of enemies, then blowing the surroundings up while keeping an eye out for floating green orbs. Even the one big problem I had with the game stopped being such a huge problem when I found a way around it. That problem was the driving, more specifically, the road races. See, some of the side missions in the game are races. Some of them are on foot, agility based ones, and honestly, they’re pretty easy as long as your agility level is up. The driving, however, annoyed me so much I almost said bollocks to 1k’ing the game. However, I persevered, put my earphones in, put the same music I always put on when I just flat out NEED to do well in a racing game (Initial D music, if you must know), and boom… I was gold medalling street races. So maybe the problem was psychology, maybe I just managed to close off the shaky game soundtrack, and that helped me, who knows.

What I do know, is that the game is worth it, in my opinion. Not likely to be Game of the Year, but if you fancy some wanton explodey fun, you could do much worse. Just… be in a good place before doing any street races. Except for Quarry Maze – Quarry Maze can suck my dick. Most frustrating race I’ve ever done in a game.




Website: www.crackdown.com