Best of 2019 – Khaine’s Choice

Khaine brings us his end of year round-up.




Best Album

Well, I think I’d have to pick the most recent one that I reviewed, which would be Helion Prime: Terror of the Cybernetic Space Monster. I mean, come on, the name is just awesome! Plus I do love my power metal so that was an easy pick. I only had a couple of minor criticisms of it, specifically regarding a few of the song lengths, but the rest of the album was an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Best Single

I only remember listening to one single that was released this year, so this category has to go to that by default. Soul Desire: Ignite is a pretty powerful song, with amazing guitar work and fantastic vocal work that I really enjoyed. I don’t even remember HOW I came across it (I think I found the band on twitter), but you can have a listen to the song yourself right here:

Best Movie

I’m odd. I tend to watch movies way after they come out, so the only movie that comes to mind from this year that I’ve actually seen is Ant-Man and the Wasp. I really enjoyed the first movie, and while this one didn’t seem as good, there was a nice mix of comedy AND action so it was something I’d definitely recommend folks watch if you enjoy the Marvel/Superhero movies.

Best Game

Well I know what I would pick here, but it’s still in early access and therefore not applicable, in my opinion. So the Best Video Game of 2018, for me, has to go to Detroit: Become Human. The graphics and animation are absolutely fantastic, but it’s the story that I enjoy the most. I’ve played the game at least twice, probably 3 times now just to see what things I can do different and how that might influence the overall outcome of the game. It’s one I would absolutely recommend if you like story-heavy/story-rich games (PS4 only though).


Definitely the Collibus Christmas party! Only a small amount of folks with 4 amazing bands, so you could easily chat to people and move around. Plus I hadn’t seen Collibus since February and I know they always put on a good show. Really good night all round and I’m very glad that I went.

Ones to watch…

For a band, I would definitely recommend keeping an eye on Archetype ( They’re very different since they’re an instrumental band, but I do enjoy that style of music. It’s why I have so many video game OST’s and covers in my music collection. Sadly I missed their local gig as I was a little under the weather, but was recommended them by my better half and have been listneing to the stuff on their facebook page. VERY impressed.

As for games, I’m going to say 7 Days to Die, specifically the PC version. The developers are hoping to get the game out of early access and actually released in 2019, at least according to the official twitter. After seeing the improvements made to the game in Alpha 17, I feel they are getting pretty close but actually achieving this goal might be pushing it a bit. Still definitely worth keeping an eye on, at least in my opinion.