Best of 2019 – Hez’s Choice

Hez brings us her end of year round-up.




Best Album

This was a very tough one as I have three albums this year I have loved.  To choose one though, the album of the year has to be Blood Red Saints – Love, Hate Conspiracies.
It came out in January and in December I am still playing it regularly. The opening track ‘Another Freak’ was my anthem for the year.

Runners up were Collibus – Trusting the Illusion and Falling Red – Lost Souls.

Best Single

This was stupidly easy. At Sophie Fest Merseyside 2017 I first heard this song. I wasn’t taking much notice sadly as I was on the door, as usual, but for weeks afterwards I kept humming the chorus.
I spent ages trying to find what the song was, and went through every single band’s facebook, Spotify etc – but with no luck.
Turns out it wasn’t recorded yet – and was actually only released in October.  But I finally learned it is Attic Theory – Saints Among Us.
Thanks for the earworm!

Best Movie

I have to go with Deadpool 2 for this. While it wasn’t as good as the first one, it was still highly entertaining and had lots of laugh out loud moments.

Best Game

This may be a bit of a cheat, as it’s an expansion for an existing game, but the best game for me this year has been Warframe – Fortuna.
As with the original game this is totally free to play, though you have to option to buy in-game currency. Unlike many games though there is no need to actually spend cash as you can earn the items and currency while playing, so the only benefit is to speed up getting these things.
It is on PC, XBox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.


At the risk of copying Khaine’s answer, the best gig of the year for me was the Collibus Christmas party gig.
While it was a fairly casual feeling event the bands all gave great full-on performances.

Ones to watch…

Bands – On this one I could spend ages as there are so many bands that I am expecting good things from next year.
The already mentioned Attic Theory are definitely one to keep an eye on.  As are another local band Novacrow.

Events – A new festival called Call of the Wild is taking place in May. With a huge line-up across 3 stages, over 3 days and very reasonably priced tickets, this is looking to be something special.

Games – I have to confess that none of the upcoming games have got me eagerly awaiting them. But I will definitely be continuing my adventures on Warframe:Fortuna as they have promised even more new content for it.